Claire Flowers applied for a shoe design that “consists of a pink heel cap on women’s high heel footwear that contrasts with the color of the heel and sole of the shoe. The dotted lines are not part of the mark but are intended only to show placement of the mark.”

The drawing of the mark is below left and a sample of the footwear to the right.

Drawing pink heelBLK shoes Pink heels red shoe7


After submission of the application, the USPTO assigned the following 09.07.06 – Other women’s shoes. A search under this design code revealed:

gold sole shoe pink shoe2   heel shoe4  pink shoe5pink shoe3   pink shoe4  red sole shoebw sole shoe    green shoe5


And 09.07.08 – Heels, shoe; Supports, arch; Arch supports:

red shoe5   green shoe6  pearl shoe6 red shoe6


The Examining Attorney also searched under 29.03.01 Single [red or pink] color used on a portion of the goods or on a portion of items used in rendering the services which revealed:

red mark1     red mark2  red mark3   red mark4red mark5


After the search, the application was approved for publication. No office action issued! Registered in 7 months from application (U.S. Reg. No. 5171367).

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